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Jetboil Sol Ti

Hello Everybody,

I finally got my hands on the Jetboil Sol Ti last Thursday.

I did up a video review on it here:

I had a chance to use it this weekend on a hike on the Lost Coast Trail.

Overall weight of the Sol Ti would be more than acceptable for those folks who are casual hikers, weekend hikers, and/or just about anybody who is already in (or looking to decrease too) the total cook kit weight of between 5 and 10 ounces. Obviously if you are an esbit lover than the idea of going from ~0.36 ounces to 8.5+ ounces is unthinkable, but for just about everybody else, I honestly do think the Jetboil Sol Ti is the first Jetboil worthy of making it into an UL backpack setup.

In rating this on a 1-5 system I would give the Jetboil Sol Ti a 3.

I would remove one point because there is a black rubber-like handle on the sleeve that gets very hot and feels way to rubbery. Included with this is the fact that the sleeve is just not secure enough. When the pot is full of water and you pick up the pot the entire sleeve slides up above the top of the pot.

I would remove another point because I had some rather series leakage from the fuel port - where it screws into the fuel canister - every time I have screw the stove unit onto a canister. There is this one small point when screwing on/off a canister (about one full rotation of the can) where it just spews out the fuel. At one point I had so much fuel leakage that I could feel the liquid fuel dripping off my fingers - and I was spinning fast. I have used multiple fuel cans from multiple manufacturers (including jetboil canisters) and every single one of them have had this happen.

The Sol Ti fit well within the side pocket of my ZPacks Blast as well as all ULA and Gossamer Gear and Osprey packs.

Boil times are what we would expect from a Jetboil but even a little faster due to the slightly smaller (0.80) pot. I was unable to notice any difference between water from my tap (when I first tested it in my house) and water from a cold running creek while on the trail. No noticeable difference in performance in the 60 degree temps to the 30 degree temperature range that I have tested it within.

I do wish that Jetboil could find a way to reduce the weight on the fuel stabilizer. It is not included in their published weight because it hits the scales at exactly 1 ounce. Considering how helpful it can be at times they really do need to find a way to reduce the weight of this item.

If I were to take it out with me again I would: cut the black rubber handle off, and leave the measuring cup at home.

Weights on my scale:

Pot: 4.70 oz
Stove: 3.55 oz
Lid: 0.65 oz
Fuel Stand: 1.0 oz
Pot Stand: 1.25 oz
Cup: 1.15