Hiking and gear reviews from the Redwoods!

Future Gear Reviews

I thought I would take a moment to share some of the gear reviews that I have planned over the next few months. I know that the 2011 summer hiking season is getting close to starting up (about 60 days before PCT/AT starting dates) and that means a lot of folks are hitting the internet looking for what others thing about specific pieces of gear.

Some of these reviews take a lot longer than others - especially those that I do a video review and a blog review - so what I have thought about doing (considering it is close to crunch time) is pushing out some smaller reviews of most of the below products, than doing a full review of them over the 2011 summer, with real world photos and daily use journal notes, and all that good stuff. Most of the gear I have I could already do that, but I thought it would be nice to start fresh.

The gear companies listed below are in no specific order. I am not playing favorites here - I try hard not to do that - rather they are listed the way they came out of my gear spreadsheet.