Alaskan Cold Plunge Kit

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Pair your sauna with a refreshing dip. This tub is built to replicate the Finnish tradition of jumping in the snow between sauna sessions. This plunge tub pairs well with any sauna or as a standalone. Add cold therapy to your routine today. Read more...

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Wellness Ritual

Cold therapy improves sleep, boosts the immune system, and promotes overall health; make a daily cold plunge part of your wellness routine

User Friendly

Control the chiller using the intuitive touchscreen display or control it remotely via your cellphone; turn on your plunge tub while at work and have it cold when you get home

Supercharged Recovery

Whether training for an ultra-marathon or cooling down from a gym session take your recovery to the next level with cold exposure, have a session in the sauna first to experience fire & ice

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Product Details

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The Redwood Outdoors Cold Plunge Tub is specially designed to be filled with cold water and is perfect for use after a hot sauna or a hot tub. This tub is also the perfect choice for anyone who wants to enjoy all the benefits of cold therapy and make plunging part of their daily routine!

Chiller Included As Standard

This kit makes cold plunging easy, providing you everything you need to get started. The kit includes both an Alaskan Cold Plunge Tub as well as an electric Cold Plunge Chiller! 

Comprehensive Health Benefits

Cold therapy has been shown to provide a large range of health benefits. By implementing cold therapy into your routine, you can lead a happier and healthier life. See for yourself why athletes and fitness gurus around the world are using cold therapy to perform at their peak.

Faster Recovery - Cold shocks decrease pain and reduce inflammation, so you can bounce back faster from hard training sessions or intense competitions.

Boosted Immune System - Cold exposure boosts T-cell counts, promoting a stronger immune system to fight off diseases.

Improved Mental Health - Regular cold therapy leads to better sleep. Sleep is a key factor in your mental performance and mood.

Relieves Stress - Reduced cortisol levels and increased dopamine levels after plunges mean you feel happier and lower stress.

Convenient Design

Bathing in the Redwood Outdoors Cold Plunge Tub is refreshing and nature-friendly. This Cold Plunge Tub is fully assembled before delivery. There is a plastic liner fully fitted to the inside of the tub, with spruce thermowood covering the entire exterior of the tub. This liner comes pre installed with a comfortable bench for sitting. 

All you need to do with this cold tub is fill it with cold water, and jump in to cool down and feel good!


We ship the Redwood Outdoors Cold Tubs to everywhere in the United States to anyone who enjoys the benefits of a relaxing soak after a hot sauna or hot tub, in the presence of nature.

* Specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice, actual product dimensions may vary

Product Diagram


Seating Capacity
1 person
Wood Type
Scandanavian Thermowood
External Diameter
Side Wall Height
40 ½”
Dry Weight
250 lbs
Max Water Volume
130 gallons
Hard plastic liner included
Chiller Type
Redwood Outdoors Cold Plunge Chiller
Electrical Requirements
110V 60Hz (compatible with US household outlets)
Cooling Capacity
1.8 kW (3/4 HP) -- Cools water down to 37F
Water Hose Length
2 hoses; 6-1/2 ft each

Packaging & Shipping Information

Shipping Format
Wooden crate
Shipping Dimensions
37 ¾” L x 37 ¾” W x 46” H
Our wooden hot tubs come with a 1-year limited warranty. Please refer to for detailed warranty information on our products.
  • Top Notch

    Mar 12th 2023

    Ernest Foster


    Purchased 8 person garden sauna and Alaskan cold plunge. Products are top notch and assembly was a breeze.



    Keep your plunge tub insulated and free of debris with this wood plunge tub cover. The stylish wooden look matches the plunge tub's construction and has two handles for easy use. Stop fishing sticks, leaves, and other debris out of your tub with this wooden cover.

    Add a Wooden Cover for $99USD

  • Floating Thermometer

    Floating Thermometer

    This floating thermometer is perfect for use in your hot tub or cold plunge tub! Tune your cold therapy to exactly the right temperature.

    Make sure the water is right at the temperature you want it before getting in. Whether you are chilling your tub down to 37F or heating your hot tub up to 100F, this thermometer has you covered. Can be used in any hot tub or cold tub! The thermometer floats in the water so you can easily check the temperature and make sure it doesn't get lost.

    Add a Floating Thermometer for $29USD



    Our SpaGaurd Water Balancing Kit is a bundle of the 3 most important and commonly used water balancers. Using water balancers is important for protecting your spa equipment, especially if you have an electric cold plunge tub. We strongly recommend this product for all our customers running electric heating systems, as these products help prevent equipment and surface corrosion and damage due to improper water levels.

    Add a Water Balancing Kit for $99USD



    Our SpaGaurd bromine spa cleaning kit is perfect for keeping your water fresh and safe. We recommend bromine as a gentler alternative to chlorine. Bromine is an ideal choice for families with children who use the tub regularly. Bromine does not have the same strong smell as chlorine and is less abrasive on your skin, making it a very popular choice with our customers.

    Add a Bromine Kit for $249USD

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