Deluxe Wood Fired Hot Tub - 5 Person

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The Deluxe is our most luxurious wood-fired hot tub yet. The fiberglass insert is molded into a reclined seat for you to relax into. This tub has the fasted heat up time on the market, so you spend more time soaking and less time stoking the fire. Read more...

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Off-Grid Luxury

No electricity required, so you can enjoy a relaxing soak no matter where you are

Relax and Recharge

Soak in the hot water after a long day and feel the relaxation wash over you

Backyard Oasis

Turn your backyard into a relaxing oasis, your house will be the envy of the neighbourhood

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Redwood Outdoors is proud to introduce our newest and greatest edition of classic wood burning hot tubs. Our deluxe wood burning hot tub with fiberglass lining is the epitome of quality, luxury and eco-friendly hot tubs. This product is ready to use right out of the box. There is no assembly and no need to soak the staves to seal the tub. The fiberglass liner makes the tub easy to clean and easy to drain when not in use.


Thermo-Heating Circulates The Water Naturally

The fire in the wood-burning hot tub creates a vacuum effect causing the water to circulate naturally. The stove is cleverly integrated in order to pull in all the cold water through a lower channel, heat it and redistribute it through a second, upper channel to achieve an even temperature.


Fastest Heat Up Time Of Any Wood-Fired Hot Tub

Due to the extremely efficient design this hot tub heats up in 1/3 of the time as a traditional wood burning hot tub. This tub will get you from 40 F to optimal soaking temperature of 95 F in only 1.5-2 hours. This means the heating time is only half that of our traditional tubs.


The Most Efficient Stove On The Market

This Scandinavian designed wood-burning hot tub has a corrugated stove as well as a secondary chamber to transfer heat from the smoke. These help reduce wood consumption by 50% compared to traditional models. To maintain this efficiency, the stove self-cleans to prevent the build-up of tar.


Luxury Hot Tubs Call For Superior Comfort

The integration of the stove between the wood cladding and the tub creates a pure, open bathing area that can fit in more people. The ergonomic shapes guarantee optimal comfort for hours on end in your luxury hot tub.


Keep Your Water Hotter For Longer

Add a thermal cover to your order to increase your hot tub's insulation. The thermal cover can be used between hot tub sessions to reduce heat loss from your water and reduce heating times the next time you're ready to take a dip.Note that the thermal cover provided is not the bubble cover shown in some of the product photos. The thermal cover provided is a brown foam hot tub cover which folds in the center, similar to the brown foam cover shown at the end of the product photos.



We ship our wood fired hot tubs to everywhere in the United States to eco hot tub lovers who enjoy a relaxing soak, off the grid and in the full presence of nature!
* Specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice, actual product dimensions may vary

Product Diagram


Seating Capacity
5 - 6 people depending on the seating arrangement as well as the size and proximity of the bathers
Wood Type
Scandanavian Thermowood
External Diameter
Side Wall Height
35 ½”
Dry Weight
600 lbs
Max Water Volume
303 gallons
Fiberglass liner included
Heater Type
Wood-fired stove
Electrical Requirements

Packaging & Shipping Information

Shipping Format
Wrapped in plastic and strapped to pallet
Shipping Dimensions
92 ½” L x 44” W x 86 ½” H
Our wooden hot tubs come with a 1-year limited warranty. Our wood fired hot tub stoves also come with a 1-year limited warranty. Please refer to for detailed warranty information on our products.
  • Fantastic

    May 2nd 2023

    Christopher Smith


    Great experience with Redwood Outdoors! Shipping was fast and safe and my wood fired hot tub has been fantastic. It heats up quickly (within a few hours) to over 100 degrees from Vermont's cold temps!

  • Absolutely Love It

    Apr 25th 2023

    Craig Hastings


    Absolutely love out outdoor, wood-fired hot tub. Really pulls our back patio all together. Service was great all the way through purchase and delivery with the Redwood team. I even "convinced" my buddy to get one of their Outdoor Saunas so I could selfishly use it! Looking forward to getting another one for our cabin space soon!

  • Great Tub

    Apr 5th 2023

    Kenan Beasley


    Great tub. We got the deluxe red wood tub. It heats up quickly and uses very little wood. Also love that can add Epsom salts for that extra relaxing soak after a long day on the ranch

  • Foam Thermal Cover

    Foam Thermal Cover

    Keep your hot tub hotter for longer by covering it with a thermal cover between soaks. Our covers are made of high-density foam and are 4 inches thick, providing a great insulating layer for your wood-fired or electric hot tub. Cut down on how much money you spend heating your tub by losing less heat between sessions.

    Add a Thermal Cover for $399USD

  • Water Balancing Kit

    Water Balancing Kit

    Our SpaGaurd Water Balancing Kit is a bundle of the 3 most important and commonly used water balancers. Using water balancers is important for protecting your spa equipment, especially if you have an electric hot tub. We strongly recommend this product for all our customers running electric heating systems, as these products help prevent equipment and surface corrosion and damage due to improper water levels.

    Add a Water Balancing Kit for $99USD

  • Bromine Kit

    Bromine Kit

    Our SpaGaurd bromine spa cleaning kit is perfect for keeping your hot tub water fresh and safe. We recommend bromine as a gentler alternative to chlorine. Bromine is an ideal choice for families with children who use the hot tub regularly. Bromine does not have the same strong smell as chlorine and is less abrasive on your skin, making it a very popular choice with our customers.

    Add a Bromine Kit for $249USD

  • Outdoor Shower

    Outdoor Shower

    Shower off after a sauna session or clean up before hopping in the hot tub. The shower’s classic cedar look is perfect for backyards and is the perfect pairing with any of our saunas or hot tubs. With an easy install process, why not treat yourself to a shower in the great outdoors.

    Add an Outdoor Shower for $499USD

  • Alaskan Cold Plunge Tub

    Alaskan Cold Plunge Tub

    Pair your sauna with a refreshing dip in a cold tub to experience the health and recovery benefits of “Fire & Ice”, a technique used by professional athletes globally. This tub is built to replicate the Finnish tradition of jumping in the snow between sauna sessions. This plunge tub pairs well with any sauna or as a standalone. Add cold therapy to your routine today.

    Add an Alaskan Cold Plunge Tub for $1,999USD

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