External Wood Burning Hot Tub Stove

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Heat your hot tub or pool with wood! No noise, no electric bills! Redwood Outdoors hot tub stoves are an alternate way to heat a hot tub or spa! This 100% Stainless Steel water heaters produce about 35,000 BTU of heating capacity by only using wood. You can now heat a medium to large hot tub in hours! These are ideal for off grid applications or to supplement pool and spa heating costs. Our wood burning hot tub stove naturally circulates the water using no electricity. Heat is easily controlled by adjusting the air draft control for heating the water and maintaining the water temperature.
  • #304 stainless steel
  • Heat resistant paint
  • For outdoor use only
  • Equivalent to 18 kW electric heater
Our stainless steel wood burning hot tub stoves come with a 1-year manufacturers guarantee on materials and workmanship. This warranty not cover issues resulting from customer damage, installation errors or misuse. We offer a warranty against manufacturing defects on our all wood products. If your product contains a manufacturing fault or defect, we will offer to exchange either the whole unit or the defective part thereof, at our sole discretion.