Il Forno Pizza Oven

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Imagine Cooking Incredible Pizza At Home!

Our outdoor woodfired pizza oven was designed to cook perfect, Italian-style woodfired pizza. The Il Forno heats up to 750°F in just 30 minutes, allowing you to create pizza cooked to perfection on the wood-fired stone. Consuming 5x less wood than a traditional ceramic pizza oven, the Il Forno is an incredibly efficient oven. Its performance combined with its compact size makes this oven a popular choice with our customers.

A wood-fired oven like the Il Forno is ideal for baking, roasting, or grilling. Designed with solid stainless steel construction for durability and comes with fire brick floor for even heating. The small door closure avoids heat loss; it is possible to remove this door during operation. 

This is a wood-fired pizza oven (as opposed to gas powered) and has been designed for more convenience thanks to it’s compact size and easy to maneuver wheeled base. It’s constructed out of stainless steel and then polished to give it a striking appearance that will look fantastic in any environment. Four wheels on the oven’s legs make it incredibly easy to move and transport as needed for cleaning or maintenance.

This pizza oven comes equipped with a removable door that helps keep the heat inside while also minimizing the time it takes to heat up. A convenient thermometer is located right above the opening so you can be certain of the oven’s internal temperature at all times. It features a large cooking area of 25.2 inches by 29.5 inches so it can still accommodate larger sized pizzas. The entire oven floor is composed of firebricks that help make it easy to maintain high temperatures since they naturally retain heat.


  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • 25.1" x 29.5" cooking area (fire brick floor)
  • 20.75" x 10.5" opening
  • Ideal for baking, roasting, or grilling
  • Comes with wheels so it is mobile
  • No gas, no electricity -- just good old fashioned wood heat!
  • Wood fired pizza oven
  • Equipped with wheels to make it easy to move around
  • Removable door for keeping heat inside the oven
  • Firebrick oven floor that retains heat naturally
  • Includes pizza cutter, spatula, oven brush and pizza peel