Tallinn Indoor Sauna - 3 Person

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Create a relaxing getaway inside your house. This sauna is designed for privacy and quiet. The sauna wall comes pre-assembled so you’ll be up and running in no time. Turn your basement into a health spa with this indoor sauna. Read more...

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Product Details

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Every Redwood Outdoors indoor sauna kit comes complete with a Harvia electric heater, sauna rocks, and multi-level seating benches. Our saunas will heat up to 195 F in under an hour and can be enjoyed either wet or dry, catering to a true Scandinavian sauna experience.


This sauna is designed in the traditional Finnish style with two bench multi-level seating. The upper bench allows you to get to the hottest part of the sauna and fully absorb the heat's detoxifying benefits. The lower bench will allow you to feel a lower temperature and relax between sessions.

This sauna is perfect for homeowners that want to incorporate saunaing into their daily routine. The compact design allows it to easily fit inside your home, so you can maximize your usage and enjoy a calm moment before starting your day. The sauna also has extra space inside so you can invite a friend or two to relax with you. 

Our indoor saunas can be placed on your existing flooring and no special pads or structures are required (placing on carpet is not recommended).


Fir: Fir is a common choice for saunas because it is durable, stable, and is low in resin / knots. The grains in the wood create a lively appearance in the sauna, making you feel cozy as you sit inside. Fir is widely available, growing in many different regions around the world, making this a low-cost and sustainable wood choice.

Canadian Red Cedar: We also offer our indoor saunas in red cedar. Our cedar saunas use high-quality 100% Canadian tight knot Red Cedar. The knots in the wood give it character and will make your sauna look truly unique. Cedar is a top choice for sauna construction because of its moisture resistance and great aroma, once you step inside your cedar sauna and take a deep breath, you'll never want to get back out! 


Sit on wooden benches and enjoy the company of friends and loved ones in a sauna room filled with soft lighting and enjoy the aromatic scents of cedar. Our saunas give bathers a truly authentic and relaxing Scandinavian sauna experience. 


All our saunas are designed with the DIY customer in mind. All the pieces are pre-cut and grooved, so no sawing or cutting is required, the only tool required is a cordless drill! 

Some general DIY skills are required to build the sauna. Two people with novice woodworking skills could build one in approximately 6 hours or less. We recommend reviewing the assembly manual in detail before starting assembly.


We ship our saunas everywhere in the United States to sauna enthusiasts who enjoy the wellness benefits of heat and steam!


Please note that our design team is always working to improve the quality and usability of our saunas. As a result, small details (e.g., type of accessories, bench slat quantity, direction of wall boards, door handle style, etc.) may differ slightly from the unit pictured above.

* Specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice, actual product dimensions may vary

Product Diagram


Seating Capacity
2 - 3 people depending on the seating arrangement as well as the size and proximity of the bathers
Wood Type
Canadian Red Cedar or Fir
Exterior Dimensions
53” L x 65” W x 80” H
650 lbs
Accessories Included
Accessories such as bucket, ladle, etc. are not included. Redwood Outdoors offers a variety of accessories, check our Accessory page or talk to a product expert for details
Tempered glass door included
Not included
Number of Cradles
6kW Harvia KIP electric
Electrical Requirements
240V for heater

Packaging & Shipping Information

Shipping Format
Flat packed in cardboard on a pallet
Shipping Dimensions
74″L x 40″W x 40″H
Our wooden saunas come with a 1-year limited warranty. Our Harvia Electric Sauna Heaters and Harvia Sauna Stoves also come with a 1-year limited warranty. Please refer to https://www.redwoodoutdoors.com/warranty for detailed warranty information on our products.

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