Wood Burning Sauna Stove

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Traditional, Finnish-style wood burning saunas are very special. The crackling fire, a gentle heat, soft steam and the ritual of tending the sauna heater combine to create an exciting atmosphere where the experience of the traditional Finnish heat sauna with a wood-fired sauna heater becomes the high point of the day.

  • Redwood Outdoors wood-burning sauna stoves are high-efficiency. They heat up your sauna very quickly and burn less wood
  • 15kw-equivalent energy output
  • Cast iron stove body
  • 3MM wall plate and stainless steel
  • Teflon coated fire compartment 
  • Glass door opens to allow stoking, cleaning and viewing of fire

Please note, sauna rocks are not included with wood burning sauna stoves due to the high cost of shipping. We suggest they be obtained locally.



Wood-burning sauna stoves are can become very hot and have scorching surfaces. Care should always been employed around wood burning stoves.

Mainain a safe distance between flammable structural elements such as wooden walls, sauna seats etc.

A minimum distance of at least 20" should be maintained between the vertical surfaces of the stove and any unprotected wooden structural elements in the sauna.

Protecting the ceiling

Provided the distance between the stove top and the ceiling is minimum 48", no special protection is needed for the ceiling. If the distance is less than 48", you can fastenen a metal plate, at least 1mm thick, to the celing.

Install a proper base for the stove

The stove must be installed on a solid base. This base must be strong enough to bear the weight of the stove and to prevent any excessive rise of temperature of the structural elements connected to it. When installing the stove on a wooden floor, it is advisable to use a minimum 2" thick concrete slab or a minimum 1/4"thick fiber-reinforced cement plate covered by a metal plate.

Installing proper ventillation

As in all our stoves, there is a ventillation hole for the smoke flue on top of the stove as well as behind it. You can close the unnecessary hole using the cap supplied. Included with the delivery, you will also receive a 8" connecting pipe and a 6" enlarger adaptor for connecting the stove to the smoke flue through the back hole. When connecting the stove to the smoke flue through the hole on top of the stove, we recommend you use our connecting pipes which are available as accessories. When doing this, do not forget to close the smoke hole behind the stove using the cover supplied.

Do not install the connecting pipe too deep into the smoke flue, because this would block the draft. The gap between the smoke flue and the connecting pipe must be filled using e.g. mineral wool.

When installing the stove, make sure the stove stands firmly on its base and the proper safety distances mentioned in these instructions have been observed.

Our wood burning sauna stoves come with a 1-year manufacturers guarantee on materials and workmanship. This warranty not cover issues resulting from customer damage, installation errors or misuse. We offer a warranty against manufacturing defects on our all wood products. If your product contains a manufacturing fault or defect, we will offer to exchange either the whole unit or the defective part thereof, at our sole discretion.