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We’re Dedicated to Living in Harmony with Nature

Redwood Outdoors is based in Kent, WA just outside of Seattle, in beautiful Washington State. We love America's great Pacific Northwest, an incredible region blessed with unblemished forests, stunning mountain ranges, and crisp waters. We know what it’s like to escape from the city and how good it feels to rejuvenate while surrounded by nature at its finest. 

Since launching the business, Redwood's team has been dedicated to bringing our customers and their families closer to nature.

Imagine embarking on outdoor adventures by day and restoring your body and soul the traditional Finnish way with your own personal outdoor sauna. These are the experiences we offer, and you can literally have them anywhere, whether you’re creating an escape in the backyard or going off the grid at a remote cabin.

You won’t find plastic seats, built-in speakers, or a dizzying array of dials and buttons in saunas from Redwood Outdoors. Our products are designed to help you feel in harmony with nature, so they can run without electricity and are the true embodiment of simple, natural elegance. Our products are built with the DIY enthusiast in mind, so whether you’re setting up one of our products at your ski chalet, cabin or just creating a backyard sanctuary, your own handy-person skills and a basic set of tools are all you’ll need. Depending on your level of comfort with DIY projects, you may also choose to hire a local contractor to help out. If you are not a DIY inclined person, this is a stress-free way to get your product up and running. Please remember, a licensed electrician is always required to hook up our products that run electric heaters. 

It’s Our Mission to Provide You with the Very Best

We care about your satisfaction. That’s why our products feature high-grade woods, such as Western Red Cedar from British Columbia, and Scandinavian Thermowood. We also use polished stainless steel for our sauna bands, allowing us to feel confident in providing a one-year warranty with each. Our sauna heaters are ETL certified and made in Finland, by Harvia who are the most trusted electric heater manufacturer in the industry. The wood materials in our saunas typically last at least 15-20 years, giving you a long time for enjoyment. Because wood is a natural product, the life expectancy can vary depending on your local climate, how you care for the wood, and where on your property you locate the unit. 

We Deliver Unbeatable Prices

Even though we provide products of the highest quality, we believe relaxation and rejuvenation in the great outdoors are things everyone should be able to enjoy. Our ethos is that our products should be an “affordable luxury”. That's why all our products ship from our warehouse directly to you without passing through a third-party retail channel, such as a store or garden centre, allowing us to offer them to you at the lowest possible price. 

Strategic Worldwide Partnerships 

Redwood Outdoors partners with best-in-class manufacturers and distributors to bring you a curated selection of sauna products. We carefully select our partners to ensure quality. Our team works very closely with our suppliers on design and product improvement. We partner directly with manufacturers in the United States, Canada, China, and Finland. Although we are a small company, Redwood Outdoors has team members located in Canada, the United States and China.

Shop with Confidence

We offer a range of different sizes across our saunas, so you can find a product that is the right fit for you and your family. We also offer our customers the opportunity to customize some of our units. So if you have specific requirements for your project, please contact our sales team before you order and we’ll walk you through all your options, so you can order with absolute peace of mind that the kit you receive, and the sauna you build, is everything you hope it will be. 

We try our best to stock an inventory of our most popular products at our warehouse in Kent, WA. This allows us to get a product delivered to you within a matter of weeks. However, some of our saunas are made to order, which means it could take approximately 12 weeks before your product is ready to ship. We do our very best to keep the product lead times up-to-date on our website, but we are a small team and sometimes these timelines can be inaccurate. If the delivery timeline is critical to your project, please contact our sales team before you purchase and we can provide you our best estimate of a timeline before you order.