Shipping & Returns

Welcome to Redwood Outdoors. When you purchase a product from us, you are subject to the following terms and conditions. We advise you to read these terms and conditions carefully prior to purchasing. By completing a purchase you agree to be bound by these terms.


All our products are checked for quality prior to shipping and delivery. If a product contains a manufacturing fault or defect, Redwood Outdoors will replace either the whole unit or the defective part thereof, at our sole discretion. 

Redwood Outdoors will accept the return of products within 30 days of receipt for a refund, minus the initial and return shipping charges. The product must be returned in its original wood crate. Credit will be given upon inspection of the product to ensure all items are included and in good condition.

It’s very rare that there are any faults with a Redwood Outdoors product. But if the buyer returns the product due to a fault, we will inspect the product after it is returned. If the product is deemed as faulty by Redwood Outdoors after inspection, we will issue a full refund including the shipping fees.

To arrange for a return, contact the Redwood Outdoors after sales team at

After 30 days from the date of delivery, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

After 7 days from the time of a customer order, any order that is cancelled ahead of being shipped will be subject to a 3.5% withholding on their total order amount. This 3.5% charge covers our payment processing fees and administration fees.


Your order will be shipped via third-party freight networks for delivery in the United States. The majority of our orders are shipped with either ABF Freight or XPO Logistics, however the freight carrier can vary depending on your delivery Zip code.

We will communicate your shipping details to you via email as soon as the product leaves our warehouse. Once products have been shipped, they become the property and responsibility of the shipper. If there are any issues with the shipment, please call the shipping company and detail your Pro number. 

Your shipping address will be clearly stated in your order confirmation email. Please ensure you have entered your shipping address correctly, as once the product has been shipped we may not be able to alter the delivery address. In cases where shipments need to be re-routed or re-shipped to a new address, any additional transport fees will be charged to the customer. 

If you will be away and unable to receive the goods on your scheduled delivery date, we recommend making arrangements for someone to receive the delivery on your behalf. Any re-delivery or storage fees will be charged to the customer.  

If an order arrives with an item or items missing from the shipping document, it is the buyer's responsibility to do the following:

  1. Mark these items as missing on the delivery bill of lading. 

  2. Contact the shipping company and have them search for any missing items. If the missing items cannot be found, please contact the Redwood Outdoors aftersales team on

If a product arrives damaged by the transporter, it is the buyer's responsibility to make sure this is marked as damaged on the delivery bill of lading. Once it’s been noted with the carrier, the Redwood Outdoors team can raise a claim, and send replacement parts if necessary to the buyer.


ABF Freight and XPO Logistics operate large nationwide networks of delivery depots. The depots are franchised and each depot operates its own unique fleet of trucks. For this reason Redwood Outdoors cannot know in advance the size or class of truck that will be making your final delivery. Because delivery truck size and individual property access can vary so significantly, the only delivery type we can guarantee is "Curbside Delivery". 

Most of our outbound shipments are booked as "Curbside Delivery" and our delivery fees are based on this class of delivery. This means the crate will be delivered safely to the curb in front of your property. Our crates do not contain any single pieces heavier than 60 lbs, so they can be unloaded easily by hand. Two people working together can manually unload and move the contents of a crate in a backyard in approximately 30 minutes. 

In rare situations, our carriers may determine that delivery cannot be made due to isolation or other specifics of your location. If this is the case, you may pursue one of the following options:

1) A smaller delivery truck can be arranged through a third-party carrier. These arrangements can be made by Redwood Outdoors, but the customer will be responsible for any added costs if they are incurred.

2) The order can be picked up at the local terminal. Most saunas can fit onto a pickup truck or small trailer, and the travel time to the terminal is typically between 1-2 hours.

If the customer refuses the sauna delivery without pursuing the options listed above, the customer will be held responsible for the return shipping costs and any related costs. Likewise, any re-delivery or storage fees incurred will be charged to the customer. 



Some of our larger saunas (particularly our Panorama saunas) are booked as “Local Depot Pick-Up” and our delivery fees are based on this class of delivery. This means that the order will be delivered to a local freight depot near the buyer's destination address, and the buyer must pick up the crate from there. For most of our customers, this generally means renting a trailer and driving to the depot. Freight depots are always equipped with forklifts and will be able to place the crate on your trailer. When you get back to your property, you will open the crate and move the contents piece by piece to their installation location. Two people working together can manually unload and move the contents of a crate in a backyard in approximately 30 minutes. 


Please understand that from time to time we may encounter delivery delays. Many of our units are produced on a made to order basis. Every unit is planned and shipped individually for each one of our customers. Most of our products are also very big and heavy so shipping them is not so easy. Due to our bespoke operational setup, you may sometimes experience longer than expected production times. We cannot offer any compensation or refund should you experience production delays. Typical delivery time is 4-6 weeks from when the order is received. 


All pricing is listed in United States Dollars (USD) and applicable sales tax will be added at checkout. Redwood Outdoors reserves the right to change prices at our discretion and without notice.

Our prices vary frequently due to the cost or availability of red cedar. We cannot apply sales or discounts to units that are already in production. 


Our Harvia electric sauna heaters come with a 5 year warranty on parts and labour. Our wood fired hot tub stoves come with a 1 year manufacturers guarantee on materials and workmanship. These warranties do not cover issues resulting from customer damage, installation errors or misuse. 

We offer a warranty against manufacturing defects on all our wood products. If your product contains a manufacturing fault or defect, we will offer to exchange either the whole unit or the defective part thereof, at our sole discretion.

Because wood is a natural product we cannot take responsibility for natural wear and degradation that may occur over time. Life expectancy of our wood products varies depending on your choice of lumber, how you care for the wood, your local climate and where on your property you located the unit.