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Enrique "Kike" Hernández
Professional Baseball Player For The Los Angeles Dodgers
"I felt like once I started doing [the sauna and cold plunge] as part of my recovery from my surgery, that's when my healing process started being a lot quicker, and I was able to get over that hump that I needed to get over to make sure that I was feeling 100% and ready for the next season."
Julianna Peña
Professional Mixed Martial Artist
"My sauna is like my center of self-love and self-care."
Fredy Montero
All-Time Top Scorer For The Seattle Sounders
"Helping my body with the sauna at any time is the best thing ever."
Jeromy Green
Professional Skateboarder
Jeromy uses his panorama sauna every day to relax and recover.
James Moore
Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Health & Wellness Coach
James discusses the advantages he experiences with our Thermowood 4-person Cabin Sauna
Chelsea Magness
Gear Junkie writer & endurance racer
Chelsea's endurance and recovery have improved since utilizing our sauna.
Dave England
Star of TV Show Jackass
After a long career as a stuntman in Jackass, Dave uses his porch sauna to sooth his aching body.
Kat Englishman
Writer for Field Mag
Kat's Mini-Cube has become an essential part of her well-being all year round.
Robbie Lawler
Former UFC Welterweight Champion & UFC Hall of Famer
UFC legend Robbie Lawler uses his cube sauna post-workout and as a part of his prep for UFC 290.
Marc Megna
Ex-NFL Player and Fitness Guru
Marc uses his extra-wide barrel sauna as part of his fitness and recovery regime
Rebekah Letch
Yoga & Wellness Guru
Rebekah uses her cube sauna regularly to destress and recover as well as improve her skin health
Brian Jackson
Redwood Outdoors Customer
Brian has decked his backyard with a garden sauna and Alaskan plunge kit
Brendan Allen
UFC Middleweight Contender
Brendan's panorama sauna has been a huge help for his sleep and post-fight recovery; built it <3 hours!
Justin Medeiros
2 Time Crossfit Games Champ
CrossFit Champ Justin Medeiros uses his barrel sauna and plunge tub to take his training and recovery to the next level
Colin Jenkins
Colin has seen huge health benefits from using his porch sauna and highly recommends it to his readers
Jason Oppenheim
Selling Sunset Host
Jason knows houses AND saunas, so he chose a Cube cedar sauna after researching the best options in the US
Erin Robinson
YouTuber and Blogger
Erin created her dream outdoor oasis in Joshua Tree with a panorama sauna and Alaskan plunge tub
Corey Seemann
Professional Skier
After a long day skiing the steep and deep outback trails, Corey hits his panorama sauna to relax and unwind
Michael Kummer
Fitness and Technology Writer
Michael loves the health benefits he gets from his panorama porch sauna
Dustin Meyers
Ohio State University Wrestling Coach
Coach Meyers uses his cedar barrel sauna as part of his strength and conditioning program for his top athletes


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