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Reasons a Barrel Sauna Is an Excellent Sauna Design

Redwoods Outdoors - Nov 22nd 2022

Have you ever wondered what sauna design you should go with? Are they all just the same, or do different designs provide different benefits?

When it comes to your health and relaxation, you can't cut corners. It's important you get the most for your money while enjoying every moment.

A barrel sauna has an excellent design that will continue to extend your relaxation in several ways. If you're not sure what design to go with, that's okay! We've compiled a list of reasons why a barrel sauna may be right for you. Take a look at some of the reasons why this sleek design has so many people talking!

1. Heat is Distributed Evenly

When it comes to a sauna, you don't want one side to be cold while the other is sweltering. Saunas are designed to build dry heat with little moisture, although some have more humidity involved. No matter how it is heated, so long as it is heated properly and evenly, an outdoor sauna can have health benefits for the body!

When heat is distributed evenly in a barrel sauna, the benefits include joint pain relief and improved cardiovascular health. The heat helps with joint movement, loosening the joints so that they aren't so stiff. The reduction in physical stress levels also contributes to lowering the risk of cardiovascular events by improving your circulation.

In addition to evenly distributing heat, a cedar barrel sauna will heat up faster. The sleek design has no corners, so heat can easily pool around and fill the space without having to spread out to all four corners of a square sauna. Where a box-shaped cedar sauna takes up more space, a barrel-shaped one allows for better circulation.

2. Comfortable Design

In a standard box model, there are corners and walls to prop yourself against, but none of those are at an angle that will cradle the curve of your spine. You can relax in comfort along the rounded walls of the barrel, or you can lean against one of the two flat walls and stretch your legs along the bench.

There are a series of accessories that can be used to accommodate your preferred position inside the barrel, but the design of the room itself is centered around lasting comfort. The inside is comforting, as is the design of the outside. Instead of moving around constantly, you can settle in for the long haul.

The attractive design not only keeps you comfortable inside, but the outside is pleasing to look at. Once you get this distinctive outdoor sauna added to your property, you won't want any other design.

3. Energy Efficiency

The only thing better than a comfortable design with proper heating is a cedar sauna that is energy efficient. The design allows it to heat up faster and evenly distribute heat with little effort, therefore reducing the amount of energy used to warm it. Additionally, thick lumber is used to keep the room well insulated so that the heat doesn't escape.

When you prioritize energy efficiency, you find yourself reaping more rewards without having to put in more effort. With thick lumber staves for insulation, there's no need to worry about wasting heat and having to replace it to maintain the internal temperature of the room.

When looking for an energy-efficient sauna design, don't underestimate the power of the barrel sauna. The design is made to insulate and reduce energy waste so that you can sit back and relax in style. Those looking for an environmentally friendly way to relax in a sauna need not look further for a model that will reduce wasted energy.

4. Purposeful Design

In addition to the energy-efficient style of the cedar barrel sauna, the wood is made to expand and contract as needed. When wood is exposed to heat, it warps to adjust. Over time, this feature of standard wood can cause it to be less efficient and more problematic. Thankfully, with this design, you needn't worry.

The ball-and-socket mechanism keeps the wood from warping too much but allows it to breathe. You can rest easy knowing there's nothing to worry about. Additionally, the staves provide a superior level of integrity to the frame of the sauna. The rounded roof shields the interior from rain and snow, with the ability to sit on any flat surface thanks to the cradle it rests on.

The purposeful design limits the amount of maintenance you'll need to put into the sauna, allowing you to enjoy your new backyard getaway in peace.

The Bottom Line for the Barrel Sauna

If you're in the market for a backyard sauna, you can't go wrong with a cedar barrel sauna. The unique design is innovative and efficient, granting you peace of mind and comfort within your property. Sit back and relax while the steam rises.