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Saunas and Sustainability

Redwood Outdoors - Sep 27th 2022

An outdoor sauna offers wide-ranging health benefits. It's also a wonderful investment for wellness – saunas have been used as relaxing, calming environments for millennia. However, it's vital to choose a sustainable outdoor sauna to enjoy these benefits.

This guide covers all you need to know about choosing a sustainable barrel sauna. Let's go.

Why is a Sustainable Sauna Important?

You raise the temperature of a barrel sauna by heating rocks. These thoroughly heat the room, while humidity can be controlled by pouring water on the rocks. The high temperature makes your body sweat, releasing toxins and even aiding with weight loss.

Not all saunas today use hot rocks, but whichever way you heat your outdoor sauna, it will require energy. This energy traditionally comes from several sources:

  • Burning wood. Rocks are heated over a wood-burning stove. This is perhaps the most widely-used heating method. It can be made more environmentally friendly by sourcing fuel from sustainable sources.
  • Electrical heating. Electrical heaters are popular as electricity can be drawn from renewable resources. In some climates, you can provide energy for your barrel sauna by installing solar panels or using other renewable methods.
  • Geothermal energy. In some parts of the world, geothermal energy is used for saunas, steam rooms, and bathing. This is a location-specific heating method, although heat pumps can help achieve a similar effect.
  • Of course, it's not just about the heating method. You'll need to choose a sustainable material like a cedar sauna for the room itself. Let's discuss what to look for in the most sustainable saunas.

    How to Choose an Eco-Friendly Outdoor Sauna

    Your main considerations should be:

  • Heating method
  • Construction
  • Size
  • An expertly-crafted barrel sauna made from sustainable materials can provide amazing relaxation without taking its toll on the environment. Here's how to find a sustainable outdoor sauna.

    1. Use a Cedar Barrel Sauna

    Cedar is one of the most sustainable types of wood. It can be sourced within the U.S., which means it comes with more guarantees about its provenance than other lumber. It also carries a beautiful, distinctive aroma that contributes to the relaxing atmosphere.

    Another great property of a cedar barrel sauna is that cedar is rot-resistant. Saunas can get steamy, and not all wood tolerates this. It can warp and deform or develop rot. A cedar sauna will hold up to high temperatures and cope well with moisture, meaning you can enjoy it for years without significant maintenance.

    2. Check the Cedar Sauna is Sustainably Sourced

    Always check where your materials come from. Locally sourced wood from within North America. is best as it guarantees sustainable forestry practices. This also reduces its carbon footprint as it means the lumber didn't have to travel as far to reach you.

    3. Long-Lasting Construction Improves Sustainability

    Your barrel sauna should be crafted using sustainable techniques by an expert manufacturer. This will increase its lifespan – it's always worth buying quality when making sustainable choices. Saunas aren't one of those furnishings you can skimp on!

    Sustainable crafting techniques also mean that far less energy was used in milling and treating the wood. Quality doesn't just look great; it lasts for longer and feels good.

    4. Choose Your Heating Method

    Whichever heating method you choose, know there are ways to make it more environmentally friendly. If you're using a wood-burning stove, again, you should check that your wood is sustainably sourced. You can even use fallen branches from your local woodland area!

    If you're using electric heating, see if you can make it more efficient by investing in solar panels or a heat pump. This will cut your energy bill and help you enjoy your sauna sustainably.

    5. How Many People Should it Fit?

    Who's going to use your barrel sauna? If you're the only user, don't purchase a large model with higher heating requirements! If you expect several people to use it, you can also coordinate your saunas to get maximum use out of a heating period.

    Best Outdoor Sauna for Sustainability

    The most sustainable outdoor sauna is:

  • Made from high-quality, sustainably sourced cedar
  • Crafted by experts using sustainable techniques
  • Heated using renewable sources
  • An appropriate size for its users
  • Follow these specifications, and you'll be able to enjoy your sustainable cedar barrel sauna whenever you like!

    Final Thoughts

    A cedar sauna is a wonderful addition to your home and wellness routine. With responsible heating from renewable energy sources, it's a guilt-free way to enjoy one of the most relaxing experiences of all.

    Discover Redwood Outdoors’ range of barrel sauna options and choose a gorgeous, sustainable model today!