Adirondack Chair

$ 299

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Nothing says outdoors like sitting in an Adirondack chair looking at the lake or a campfire. The simple and timeless design is a fit for any backyard or vacation property. Complete your backyard escape with our Adirondack chair today. Read more...


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Product Details

  • Sink into the welcoming contours of the Redwood Outdoors Adirondack chair and experience complete outdoor relaxation
  • Crafted using durable hardwood, this classic American design makes a stylish addition to your patio, deck or dock
  • Perfect for cooling down after a sauna or hot tubbing session!
  • Our chair features a contoured slatted back rest for enhanced comfort, a gently sloping seat and armrests to suit the natural position for relaxation
  • Foldable for easy and convenient storage 
  • Arrives flat-packed and ready for easy self-assembly

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Shipping Format
Cardboard carton

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