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Convert any tub into a cold plunge with this electric ice-bath chiller! Simple plug and play, you'll be up and running in minutes. This powerful chiller can cool water down to 37F and is WiFi controlled, so your plunge is ready when you get home. Read more...

Wellness Ritual

Cold therapy improves sleep, boosts the immune system, and promotes overall health; make a daily cold plunge part of your wellness routine

User Friendly

Control the chiller using the intuitive touchscreen display or control it remotely via your cellphone; turn on your plunge tub while at work and have it cold when you get home

Supercharged Recovery

Whether training for an ultra-marathon or cooling down from a gym session take your recovery to the next level with cold exposure, have a session in the sauna first to experience fire & ice

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Take the plunge with Redwood Outdoors! This all-in-one chiller system has everything you need to make cold therapy a part of your life. The chiller system comes prebuilt and ready for use, all you need to do is plug it in. The chiller operates off of household 110V / 60Hz electricity and can be plugged into any standard US outlet. Inside the metal casing, the integrated pumps and chiller deliver ice-cold water directly to your cold plunge tub. The whole system is operated by a digital control that you can adjust with a simple touchscreen display. Set the temperature to your preferred level, wait for the water to cool, and hop in!

The system comes with two threaded hoses which take the water to and from your cold plunge tub. You can use this chiller with any plunge tub by either securing the threaded hoses onto the sides of the tub (if your tub has threaded connections) or by simply submerging the hoses in your tub. The integrated pumps will then feed the water through the chiller and back into your tub at temperatures as low as 37F.

Comprehensive Health Benefits

Cold therapy has been shown to provide a large range of health benefits. By implementing cold therapy into your routine, you can lead a happier and healthier life. See for yourself why athletes and fitness gurus around the world are using cold therapy to perform at their peak.

Faster Recovery - Cold shocks decrease pain and reduce inflammation, so you can bounce back faster from hard training sessions or intense competitions.

Boosted Immune System - Cold exposure boosts T-cell counts, promoting a stronger immune system to fight off diseases.

Improved Mental Health - Regular cold therapy leads to better sleep. Sleep is a key factor in your mental performance and mood.

Relieves Stress - Reduced cortisol levels and increased dopamine levels after plunges mean you feel happier and lower stress.

High Power Cooling To Simplify Your Cold Therapy Routine

This little chiller packs a powerful punch! With a rated cooling power of 3/4 HP, this chiller can take your water down to 37F, cold enough to make even Wim Hoff shiver! This chiller takes the complexity out of cold plunging, with a simple all-in-one design, all you need to do is plug it in. The system can be used indoors or outdoors and runs off regular household electricity. No more bags of ice or complex piping systems!

Digital Display And Wi-Fi Enabled

The chiller is operated by a simple digital display on the top of the chiller unit. Set your temperature and let the tub do the rest.

The chiller can connect to a smartphone app and can be fully remote-controlled. Set your plunge temperature from the office and have the tub at temperature ready for you to plunge when you get home.

Portable And Universally Compatible

The chiller unit is compact and can be easily packed up and taken to your next competition or race. If you already have an ice-cooled plunge tub, you can easily add this electric chiller to take your routine to the next level. Connect the chiller to your plunge tub via the threaded hoses or if your tub doesn't have threaded connections, place the ends of the hose directly into the tub's water. Once the intake hose is submerged, it'll start pumping!

Easy Self-Assembly And Operation

No complicated plumbing or wiring is required! Simply hook up the hoses, attach the filter, and plug it in. Once plugged in, the chiller does the rest of the work. The integrated vacuum pump clears any air from the lines and the high-powered condenser will feed you ice-cold water direct to your plunge tub.

Shipping Across The USA

We ship our chillers to everywhere in the United States to cold plunge enthusiasts who enjoy the wellness benefits of cold therapy!

* Specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice, actual product dimensions may vary


Cooling Capacity
1.8 kW (3/4 HP) -- Cools water down to 37F
Heating Capacity
Electrical Requirements
110V 60Hz (compatible with US household outlets)
Cooling Time
75F to 50F in ~4 hours (cooling times are highly dependent on water volume, times here assume a 500L volume, smaller volumes will cool faster)
Heating Time
WiFi Control
Included, remotely control via app
Working Ambient Temperature Range
35F to 115F
Water Hoses
2 hoses; 6-1/2 ft each, DN15 threaded connection
dB Rating
47 dB
Chiller Size
19½" L x 13" W x 17¾" H // 75lbs

Packaging & Shipping Information

Shipping Format
Cardboard box
Shipping Dimensions
23½" L x 16" W x 17¾" H // 75lbs
Our cold plunge chiller kits also come with a 1-year limited warranty. Please refer to for detailed warranty information on our products.

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