SpaGuard® Water Balancing Kit

$ 99

Every spa owner knows that keeping their levels balanced is a must if you want a worry-free tubbing experience. This chemical pack gives you everything you need to balance your pH, calcium, and alkaline levels for most hot tub users. Read more...


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Our SpaGaurd® Water Balancing Kit is a bundle of the 3 most important and commonly used water balancers. Using water balancers is important for protecting your cold plunge equipment, especially if you have one of our chillers. We strongly recommend this product for all our customers running electric chiller systems, as these product help prevent equipment and surface corrosion and damage due to improper water levels. 

Our Water Balancing Kit Includes

  • SpaGuard® pH Decreaser (18oz bottle)
  • SpaGuard® Total Alkalinity Increaser (2lb bottle)
  • SpaGuard® Calcium Hardness Increaser (12oz bottle)
  • AquaChek Testing Strips

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Shipping Format
Cardboard carton

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