Thermowood Garden Sauna - Fire & Ice

$ 12,199

Availability: Sauna Lead Time 2 to 4 weeks. Plunge Tub Lead Time 8 to 10 weeks.

Experience the life changing benefits of fire + ice. Heat up in your sauna (the fire) and then hop into your plunge tub (the ice). A game changing combo that will have you performing at your peak. Read more...

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Hot & Cold

Athletes have long known that temperature extremes aid recovery. Perform at your peak for longer with Fire & Ice.

Commitment to Quality

Built from top quality lumber and designed with care, we are proud of every sauna we deliver

Outdoor Entertaining

Create a unique outdoor environment for socializing , winter or summer your backyard will be the invitation your friends are all dying to receive

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Product Details

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Sauna + Plunge Tub + Chiller For The Ultimate Fire & Ice Experience!

This kit is for anyone who wants to experience the life changing benefits of fire + ice. Heat up in your sauna (the fire) and then hop into your plunge tub (the ice).

Alternating between hot and cold has been show to provide big health benefits. Whether you're recovering after an intense workout or destressing after a long day, fire & ice is a game changing combo that will have you performing at your peak.

This kit includes:

  • 1 * Thermowood Garden Sauna - 8 Person
  • 1 * Alaskan Cold Plunge Tub
  • 1 * Cold Plunge Chiller (can be upgraded to deluxe dual heater + chiller)

Bundle And Save!

To help more people enjoy the incredible benefits of Fire + Ice, we've taken $500 off the price when you buy a bundle package! Also expect savings on shipping costs.

Cycle Between High And Low Temperature Without Leaving Your Sauna With Two-Level Seating

Every Redwood Outdoors sauna kit comes complete with a Harvia electric heater, wooden heater guard, water bucket & ladle, sauna rocks, and interior seating benches. Our saunas will heat up to 195 F in under an hour, and can be enjoyed either wet or dry, catering to a true Scandinavian sauna experience.

In Finland, the rule for a truly deep sauna bath is that your feet should be above the heater. We've designed this sauna so you can do just that. Sit on the top bench and get your whole body into the hottest part of the sauna to take your sweat to the next level! Once you're ready for a break, move the lower benches to cool down. Cycle between the top and bottom bench to natually adjust your temperature without having to adjust your heater, making for an epic sauna session. 

Chiller Included As Standard

This kit makes cold plunging easy, providing you everything you need to get started. The kit includes both an Alaskan Cold Plunge Tub as well as an electric Cold Plunge Chiller! 

Comprehensive Health Benefits

Cold therapy has been shown to provide a large range of health benefits. By implementing cold therapy into your routine, you can lead a happier and healthier life. See for yourself why athletes and fitness gurus around the world are using cold therapy to perform at their peak.

Faster Recovery - Cold shocks decrease pain and reduce inflammation, so you can bounce back faster from hard training sessions or intense competitions.

Boosted Immune System - Cold exposure boosts T-cell counts, promoting a stronger immune system to fight off diseases.

Improved Mental Health - Regular cold therapy leads to better sleep. Sleep is a key factor in your mental performance and mood.

Relieves Stress - Reduced cortisol levels and increased dopamine levels after plunges mean you feel happier and lower stress.

Convenient Plunge Tub Design

Bathing in the Redwood Outdoors Cold Plunge Tub is refreshing and nature-friendly. This Cold Plunge Tub is fully assembled before delivery. There is a plastic liner fully fitted to the inside of the tub, with spruce thermowood covering the entire exterior of the tub. This liner comes pre installed with a comfortable bench for sitting. 

All you need to do with this cold tub is fill it with cold water, and jump in to cool down and feel good!

Thermowood Construction 

Thermowood is created by heat treating Scandinavian softwood to temperatures ranging from 180 – 230° in special chamber kilns for up to 96 hours. Steam is used as a protective gas and helps to prevent the wood from splitting and becoming damaged during treatment.

Learn more about thermowood in our FAQ section!

Thermowood’s Characteristics & Qualities

This process causes chemical and structural changes to occur within the timber, which therefore alters some of its characteristics and qualities. Some of the characteristics and qualities that make Thermowood such a popular specie includes:

Dimensionally Stable – The intensive heat the wood is exposed to during its production dries out deep into the core, causing all moisture and resin to be removed from the timber. Thermowood therefore doesn’t react to changes in humidity as drastically as untreated wood (the risk of swelling, cracking and shrinkage is decreased), allowing it to retain its shape far better. The wood also doesn’t secrete sap or resin even in high temperatures.

Environemntally Friendly – The softwood used to produce Thermowood originates from well-managed, PEFC-certified forests, and as no chemicals or foreign substances are involved during its production, Thermowood is an environmentally friendly material produced by using only natural methods.

Resistance to Rot and Fungi – Due to the heating process breaking down hemicellulose, the wood doesn’t contain the appropriate nutrients to allow rot and fungi to grow and develop.

Increased Longevity – When wood is treated with heat, its average life span is prolonged meaning your sauna will last a lifetime!

Improved Insulation – Wood that has been heat treated is much more porous than untreated wood, vastly improving its insulating properties.

Traditional Scandinavian Design

The Scandinavian garden sauna has a classic beauty in its elegant simplicity. Our garden saunas are constructed with interlocking lumber that fit together forming a strong exterior. This interlocking system allows the lumber staves to expand and contract naturally, and to form a tight seal. Not only are our garden saunas lovely to look at, their design is incredibly energy efficient and helps to distribute the heat evenly throughout the interior.

Harvia Sauna Heater, Made In Finland

Harvia is the world’s leading sauna heater manufacturer and Harvia heaters are considered the industry gold-standard. Harvia is was established in Finland in 1950 and has built an international reputation for exceptional quality. With a Harvia heater, you know you are getting a reliable product that you and your family can trust. All our Harvia sauna heaters are ETL certified and are manufactured in Finland.

Manual Control or Wi-Fi Control Heater Options

Our manual control heaters have two dials: a temperature dial and a timer. The timer can be set for up to an 8-hour delay, meaning you set your heater to come on while you are out and your sauna will be ready when you get home.

Our digital Wi-Fi heaters can be controlled via the digital wall pad mounted nearby your sauna, or from any smartphone or tablet. The big convenience of the Wi-Fi control is the remote start capability which allows you to pre-heat your sauna from anywhere—whether at the office or on the slopes. With few taps on your phone, your sauna will be ready when you get home. Wi-Fi heaters can also be pre-set to come on at a specific time of day, such as early in the morning. 

Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade a manual control heater to a digital Wi-Fi system in the future. While the manual and digital heaters look very similar, they are in fact totally different heaters. This means you must select the control system you are going with at the outset.

On-Site Assembly Process

All our sauna kits are designed with the DIY customer in mind. Most cedar barrel saunas can be assembled by two people with basic handyperson skills in 3-4 hours. Our garden sauna has a more complex assembly process due to the glass front window and stadium steading. This sauna can certainly be assembled by a non-professional, however, the level of DIY skill required is higher and the woodworking involved is more complex. As a result, the build time for garden sauna is longer. If you are less confident in your DIY skills, we recommend working with a friend or relative with more DIY project experience.

Shipping Across The USA

We ship our saunas to everywhere in the United States to sauna enthusiasts who enjoy the wellness benefits of heat and steam!

* Specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice, actual product dimensions may vary

Product Diagram


Seating Capacity (Sauna)
6 - 8 people depending on the seating arrangement as well as the size and proximity of the bathers
Wood Type
Scandanavian Thermowood
Exterior Dimensions (Sauna)
Roof: 105 ½” L x 90 ½” W x 99 ¼” H // Base: 102 ¾” L x 89” W
Weight (Sauna)
1,500 lbs
Accessories Included
Bucket and ladle, sauna rocks, and light fixture
Wooden door with glass window included
Not included
Number of Cradles
Electrical Requirements (Sauna)
110V for lighting and 240V for heater
Max Water Volume (Plunge Tub)
130 gallons
Chiller Type
Redwood Outdoors Cold Plunge Chiller
Electrical Requirements (Chiller)
110V 60Hz (compatible with US household outlets)

Packaging & Shipping Information

Shipping Format
2 wooden crates + 1 cardboard box
Shipping Dimensions (Sauna)
94” L x 43 ½” W x 37 ½” H
Shipping Dimensions (Plunge Tub)
37 ¾” L x 37 ¾” W x 46” H
Our wooden saunas come with a 1-year limited warranty. Our Harvia Electric Sauna Heaters and Harvia Sauna Stoves also come with a 1-year limited warranty. Please refer to for detailed warranty information on our products.


    Keep your plunge tub insulated and free of debris with this wood plunge tub cover. The stylish wooden look matches the plunge tub's construction and has two handles for easy use. Stop fishing sticks, leaves, and other debris out of your tub with this wooden cover.

    Add a Wooden Cover for $99USD



    Protect your sauna from the elements and keep it looking its best for longer by protecting the wood with a shingled roof. We recommend adding these asphalt shingles to keep water off the sauna and increase the wood’s longevity. The shingles are black in color.

    Add Roof Shingles for $199USD



    Take your sauna experience to the next level with our all-in-one deluxe sauna kit. Splash water on the hot rocks and watch the steam rise. Track the temperature and humidity to ensure your sauna is tuned how you like it. Time your session so that you're in the heat for the optimal amount of time.

    The perfect add-on to any new sauna and a great way to take your relaxation to the next level if you already own a sauna.

    Add a Deluxe Accessory Kit for $99USD



    Take your sauna to the next level with a lie-flat recliner. Compatible with all sauna types (except for the scenic vista) and can be installed in 5 minutes! Relax, lie back, and enjoy the heat.

    Add an Adjustable Sauna Recliner for $279USD



    Shower off after a sauna session or clean up before hopping in the hot tub. The shower’s classic cedar look is perfect for backyards and is the perfect pairing with any of our saunas or hot tubs. With an easy install process, why not treat yourself to a shower in the great outdoors.

    Add an Outdoor Shower for $499USD

  • We have carefully selected the very best sauna heaters on the market to pair with our saunas. So whichever heater you choose from us, you simply can’t go wrong. All of our heaters are excellent options and will give you a wonderful sauna experience.

    The main things to consider when choosing a heater are: aesthetic preference, wifi vs manual control, drier sauna vs more humid sauna, and of course your budget.

    If you have any questions, our Product Experts would love to help. Give us a call anytime at 1800 567 8036.



    The KIP family of electric sauna heaters are traditional Finnish wall-mounted heaters. They heat up fast and reach high temperatures of ~190F within one hour. This design holds up to 40 lbs of rocks, on which you can douse water to create soothing steam. The KIP creates a relatively dry heat and you should expect ~15-25% relative humidity in the sauna. The KIP comes in an attractive stainless steel exterior case that easily mounts on your sauna wall.

    Harvia is the world’s leading sauna heater manufacturer and Harvia heaters are considered the industry gold standard. Harvia was established in Finland in 1950 and has built an international reputation for exceptional quality. With a Harvia heater, you know you are getting a reliable product that you and your family can trust. All our Harvia sauna heaters are ETL certified and are manufactured in Finland.



    The Finnish word “löyly” is the name for the hot steam that rises from your sauna rocks after water has been carefully poured on top of them. The steam turns your sauna into a hot and humid paradise, capable of relaxing even the tensest muscles or stressed minds.

    The Cilindro specializes in creating a lot of steam. This is because the heater holds 160 lbs of rocks! All these rocks create a more even heat distribution and an incredible löyly that would make any Finn proud.

    The Cilindro has a slightly longer heat-up time than the KIP, due to the number of rocks and is designed to run at a lower absolute temperature. The temperature you should expect from this heater is ~165F, which is the perfect temperature for a steamy sauna (>30% relative humidity) to prevent scalding. Due to the higher humidity in the room, the perceived temperature in the sauna will feel comparable to a drier sauna running at a higher absolute temperature.



    The HUUM DROP is an award-winning sauna heater. Made in Estonia, this eye-catching heater is quickly emerging as a stand-out in modern sauna design. Its shape is inspired by the purest element in nature – a water drop. Its round design softens and livens up the interior of a classic sauna, giving it a touch of elegance.

    But DROP isn’t only about the looks. This compact wall-mounted heater can fit up to 120 lbs of sauna rocks. This guarantees both hot temperatures and long-lasting steam. The HUUM is fast to heat up and can reach temperatures of ~195F. The HUUM creates more steam than the KIP heater, but less than the Cilindro heater. It's somewhere in the middle in terms of its “löyly” potential.

    Every HUUM DROP heater comes delivered with HUUM sauna stones and a HUUM UKU Wi-Fi controller. This makes it a must-have heater for customers who like a modern look, combined with modern functionality.



    Classic wood-burning saunas are very special. The crackling fire, warm steam from the rocks, and the ritual of tending the fire all combine to create a timeless and unforgettable experience. The Harvia M3 is a compact wood-burning stove that is perfect for our saunas. The M3 is made by Harvia, the most trusted brand in the sauna industry. Built-in Finland, it is designed to meet rigorous European quality standards.

    Harvia does not include a chimney kit with the stove. Installation of the chimney requires cutting a circular hole in the roof staves. This could be performed by a carpenter or a more experienced DIY customer. You will need a chimney and stove accessories. You will need to purchase 8’ of 6" diameter double-wall stove pipe, interior protective flashing, a chimney collar, and an external rain flange.

    Also, note that the M3 wood stove is larger than the electric heaters and reduces the seating capacity of the sauna.

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