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Dome Tent Care & Maintenance

Hose down your cover with clean water occasionally, every month or so. We recommend that you do this on a hot, sunny day. Wash down your dome cover if it becomes dirty. Use a mild soap and brush lightly with a cloth or soft brush if necessary.

Make sure to rinse thoroughly and immediately. Do not wash your dome cover with any harsh or strong solution, or scrub too vigorously with an abrasive cleaner – this can damage the fabric. Do not scrub your bay window – dust and dirt can scratch the clear vinyl. To clean, rinse the window thoroughly then wipe with a soft cloth and Windex. Always wipe horizontally to best camouflage any potential scratches.

To remove minor scratches and hazing on your bay window, use a restorative product such as Diamondite. For best results, always follow individual manufacturer’s directions for use.

For small holes in your fabric or clear vinyl, use a dab of clear silicone caulk on both sides of the fabric.

For rips or tears, apply Tear-Aid fabric repair tape to the inside and outside. Burnish the tape into the fabric to make a watertight seal.

When your dome is fully assembled, test it for leaks, by thoroughly hosing it down before moving valuables inside.

We suggest purchasing a tube of LEXEL caulk in case there may be spots that need additional sealing. Use this caulking on any trouble spots. Caulk the outside lip around the top half of the round windows and the lip above the door if necessary. The outside double row of stitching around the bay window may need caulking as well.

This caulk can be applied to the stitching on the outside of the skin, wet or dry. LEXEL can be applied at temperatures between 0 F – 120 F to surfaces free of oil, dirt, frost, and loose matter. It may take several hours to be tack free, and 2-4 days to cure. The wetter the climate the longer it will take to cure.

To prevent mildew keep your dome well ventilated and dry. In extremely humid climates, where mildew is an issue, using a dehumidifier will prevent mildew. Keeping your dome clean is also essential.


Sponge down all mildew areas with a strong bleach solution (1 part bleach to 4 parts water). Wear gloves and have your dome well ventilated to avoid inhaling fumes. Mildew will turn pale when it dies. Running a high-powered ozonator inside of your dome will also destroy any mildew.

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