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Sauna Design & Dimensions

It’s not by chance that our catalog is filled with barrel-shaped saunas. If you’re in the market for an outdoor sauna, chances are you’ll want a barrel shape too. Here’s why…

Barrels Heats Up Faster

There’s science behind the barrel shape. Consider a traditional box-shaped room—there’s unusable space in the corners. In cabin-style saunas, those unused corners are spaces that need to be heated too. In a barrel, there’s less area to heat, so the sauna heats up faster.

Heat is Distributed More Evenly

Heat rises and collects at the top of a box-shaped sauna. However, the curved walls of a barrel-shaped sauna force the heat back down the sides, distributing it more evenly.

Heat Distribution in a Barrel Sauna

The Wood Can Expand and Contract

Cabin-style saunas are often fitted together with all sorts of hardware to hold the pieces together. That may make them sturdy, but it doesn’t give the wood the ability to expand and contract. Conversely, our barrel saunas are built via tongue-and-groove wood and held in place with a stainless steel band. The wood forms a tight seal as the room heats up and releases when it cools. The same function is beneficial when there are exterior temperature and humidity shifts too.

Barrel Designs are Structurally Sound and Weather-Resistant

The design ensures the sauna stays structurally sound and protects it through all seasons. Rain and snow typically slide right off, but the sturdy design also enables the sauna to withstand any snow that sticks.

Energy Efficiency

Due to the faster heating and even heat distribution, barrel saunas are incredibly energy efficient. Redwood Outdoors also uses thick lumber for better insulation.

You Can Lounge Comfortably

The rounded edges naturally cradle your back as you sit on the bench, ensuring optimal comfort. However, barrel saunas are also long enough to stretch out on a bench lengthwise and offer flat back support this way.

They’re Beautiful

The traditional Scandinavian design is simple, yet elegant. You can tuck your sauna away in a natural environment and have it blend seamlessly or make it a focal point by landscaping around it. Redwood Outdoors offers several varieties with elements like porches and floor-to-ceiling windows, so it’s easy to find a style that suits you.

Our barrel saunas come in three primary sizes:

1) 6ft long x 6ft diameter

2) 8ft long x 6ft diameter

3) 6ft long x 7ft diameter

A drawing with dimensions for each sauna type is available on the sauna's product page. Check the product specifications tab on the product page for details.

Each outdoor sauna includes the following:

1) All wooden parts required to build the exterior (staves, wall panels, etc.).

2) Ground supports for the sauna body (cradles, sleepers, ground frame, etc.).

3) Interior benches and struts.

4) A wooden or glass door.

5) A sauna heater (either electric or wood-fired).

6) Rocks to use in the heater.

Accessories and add-ons such as shingles, flat flooring, and adjustable recliners, can be added on to the order.

A light fixture is provided with your sauna. We recommend placing the light fixture inside the sauna on the front wall or on the ceiling, however, you can place the light fixture in whatever location is most convenient for you.

The light operates on 110v and should be wired by a licensed electrician.

We offer certain options to customize our saunas, such as different wood types, heater types / powers, adding shingles, adding flooring, etc. However, the sauna's dimensions or other major features (e.g., window size, placement, etc.) cannot be customized.

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