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Electric Chillers

Actual cool-down time will depend on the starting water temperature, water volume, and the ambient air temperature.

We have found that the chiller will cool water at a rate of about 10-12 F per hour. This allows the tub to cool from a starting water temperature of 65 F to 37 F in about 2.5 hours.

The water will heat at a faster rate. The machine will heat water at a rate of about 15 F per hour.

Note that cooling/heating times are highly dependent on water volume. The heating/cooling times above are based on a well-insulated 100-gallon tub. Larger tubs and tubs with poor insulation will cool more slowly.

In most cases, the chiller’s heating efficiency will start dropping when the air temperature is 40 F or below, and longer than normal heat-up times should be expected. However, if you are in a drier area (i.e., <60% rh), you will be able to operate in colder conditions without a performance impact. very humid areas (i.e.,>80% RH), heating performance will start dropping before 40 F.

If desired, the cool-down process can be sped up by adding ice while filling the tub with water.

The chillers work exactly like an air conditioner, except with water as the working fluid instead of air.

Water is pumped out of your tub and through a heat exchanger, in the heat exchanger, the water’s temperature is lowered by evaporating a refrigerant. The cooled water is then sent back to your tub and the refrigerant is recondensed in the radiator so that it can be reused.

The Cold Plunge Chiller draws 6.5A.

The Deluxe Cold Plunge Dual Heater + Chiller draws 10.5A.

Having space for ventilation is very important. If the system is not properly ventilated and overheats, it will automatically shut off.

There should be at least 3 ft of space behind the chiller to allow enough room for air to circulate and the hot air to escape from the machine.

If you find your machine is turning off, it may be because the ventilation is not sufficient and the machine is overheating.

A filter cartridge typically lasts ~12 months, however, the filter cartridge must be cleaned regularly to achieve this lifespan.

To keep your filtration system in top working condition, we recommend cleaning it once per month. The strainer at the inlet to the chiller should be cleaned at this time as well.

To clean the filter cartridge, remove it from the filter and place it in a bucket of water. Add a cleaning agent to the water and swish around to mix. Let the cartridge sit in the bucket for ~24 hours. After 24 hours, take the cartridge out, rinse, and leave it to dry. Once the filter is dried out, you can put it back in the filtration system for use.

We recommend customers buy filter cartridges in pairs. Then when it's time to clean your filter, you can use your second cartridge. By rotating between filter cartridges, you can avoid having to stop using your cold plunge while the filter is being cleaned and you can buy cartridges less frequently.

Yes! Please check out the cold plunge accessories page or speak with a sales representative for more details.

Warranty terms for all products are available at:

Yes! The chiller is made to be used outdoors.

The chillers are water resistant rated to IPX4 which means protection from splashing water. The chiller can withstand wet conditions outdoors, but we do not recommend leaving it out in the rain.

We recommend keeping the chiller in a covered area so it is not rained on directly. If this is not possible at your property, we recommend buying one of our heavy-duty storage covers to keep your chiller protected between uses.

If the machine does get wet, dry it off with a soft towel. The casing is made of metal and will rust over time if left wet.

Yes! If using indoors, you must ensure there is enough ventilation for the heat from the chiller to dissipate. The water chiller operates similar to an air conditioner and expels hot air from the radiator using a fan. If ventilation in the room you’re using is not sufficient, the machine will overheat and automatically turn off.

Yes! The chillers are internally grounded.

The hose connections are made to accommodate DN15 thread. Adapters are also provided to accept DN20 thread. If you are making your own plunge tub to use with the chiller, we recommend using one of these two thread sizes. You can also buy an adapter to connect to a different thread size (e.g., DN25).

When running, the chiller emits approximately 52 DB.

This is approximately the same noise level as an electric fan or dishwasher.

The main noise you will hear when the chiller is operating is from the fan that is used to expel the hot air.

This will depend on the cost of electricity in your area, however, in general these machines are not high power, and therefore not expensive to run.

The Deluxe Cold Plunge Dual Heater + Chiller will consume approximately 1kWh if run continuously for 60 minutes. The average electricity price in the USA in 2022 was ¢15 per kWh, so running the Deluxe Cold Plunge Dual Heater + Chiller will cost ~¢15 per hour on average.

The Cold Plunge Chiller is lower power than the Deluxe Heater Chiller. Using the same average power rate as above, running the Cold Plunge Chiller will cost ~¢10 per hour on average.

This will depend on the size of your hot tub.

The chiller machines are not designed to be used for pools >150 gallons. If your hot tub is larger than this, the chiller will not be powerful enough to cool/heat the water and will never get to the set temperature. This will result in the machine running continuously, which will wear out the equipment.

The chiller will run until reaching the set temperature. Once the set temperature is reached, the chiller will monitor the temperature and turn on/off as necessary to maintain the water at your desired temperature. How often the unit runs depends on the outdoor temperature and how much chilling is needed.

No! A water pump as well as a vacuum pump is plumbed into the chiller. The chiller has all the components needed to function and no additional parts are required to use (except for a tub!).

If you have purchased a Cold Plunge Chiller, the machine should not be used if the ambient temperature is less than 35F (2C). If used in freezing temperatures, ice will form on the internal components and damage the machine.

If you have purchased a Deluxe Cold Plunge Dual Heater + Chiller, it can be used in freezing temperatures as it has a built-in defrost mode. However, the chiller’s heating efficiency will start dropping when the air temperature is 40F or below. Our plunge tubs are not designed to hold high temperatures in harsh winter conditions, and in freezing conditions of 25F and below, your tub may not reach your desired set temperature. The chiller is not designed for use in <5f as the chiller’s lubricating oil may freeze and cause machine to seize.

All water should be drained from the machine if freezing temperatures are expected. If water is left in the machine when the temperature drops below freezing, the water pipes inside the chiller can freeze, damaging or destroying the machine.

Any damage to the chiller or plunge tub due to frozen water is not covered under Redwood Outdoor’s product warranty or 3rd party equipment warranties.

No. In our experience, the use of an ozone sanitizer can lead to corrosion and leaks. We do not include an ozone sanitizer to prevent leaks from occurring. We recommend using bromine to sanitize the water, similar to a hot tub or pool.

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