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Cold Plunge Tubs & Chillers

Yukon Cold Plunge Tub

This will depend on whether you are using the tub with a chiller or as a standalone, and whether or not you are treating the water with sanitizer.

If the tub is used without a chiller (i.e., ice cooling) and without a sanitizer like bromine, we recommend changing the water after each session.

If you are not using a chiller, but you are using bromine and oxidizer, then your water may last 7 to 10 days. Although this varies depending on how often you use the tub.

If the tub is used with a chiller, the chiller’s pump and filter will circulate and clean the water, so you can change the water less frequently. If used with a chiller and bromine/oxidizer we recommend changing the water every 4 weeks depending on how frequently you use the tub. The more frequently you use the tub, the more often you should change the water.

The tub is made of double walled PVC. PVC is both durable and easily repairable in case of a tear during use. A PVC patch kit is included with every tub just in case.

Yes! A PVC cover is included with the tub. The cover pulls tight around the edges of the tub and keeps out any leaves or debris.

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