Hot Tub FAQs

A wood fired hot tub provides the ultimate addition to your backyard or recreation property. Our cedar hot tubs are hand-crafted from 100% Canadian Grade-A clear red cedar, giving you quality materials and craftsmanship that will stand the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the hot tubs?

We sell hot tubs for almost any size, small enough for a romantic dip, or big enough for the whole family! Our best-selling model is made for up to six people, but we sell models ranging from 2-8 person capacity.

How much water do the hot tubs hold?
We offer several different sizes of hot tubs. Please see the table below for an approximate measure of hot tub capacity in gallons. 

Hot Tub Measurements

(diameter x depth)



Heat Up Time

(internal stove, hrs)



5ft x 3ft




5ft x 4ft




6ft x 3ft




6ft x 4ft




7ft x 3ft




7ft x 4ft




 How long do the hot tubs take to heat up?

Most of our customers find 105° F is the ideal temperature for relaxing. Our internal wood-burning stove takes about 3 hours on average to heat your tub water to 105° F. The table above shows approximate heat-up time based on your hot tub size, assuming a starting water temperate of 55° and an internal wood burning stove. An external stove will take approximately 25% longer to heat the water. 

When can I use my wooden hot tub?

You can use your wooden hot tub all year round. It can also be used with hot or cold water. This means you can use it as a refreshingly cool plunge pool in the hot summer months and as a relaxing hot tub in the cold winter months. 

How long will my wooden hot tub last? How do I make it last longer?

Your cedar hot tub should last 15-20 years. It is not necessary to coat the tub with a protective finish. Left alone the tub will weather and turn light gray. We recommend that you do not use wood sealer or paints on the tub, because the wood benefits from exposure to the air. The water will seal the interior surface; therefore it is important to leave the exterior surface unsealed so it can breathe.

If you want your tub to have a finished look, you can apply boiled linseed oil to the exterior. It is absorbed into the wood without making a permanent seal. When applying linseed, coat the exterior (only) with a brush or roller. Before disposing of the application tools let them dry out in a non-confined, well ventilated area. They are prone to spontaneously combust if placed in a confined area.

Cleaning the inside of the hot tub regularly with non-caustic soap using a brush or high-pressure cleaner will extend the hot tub’s life. Do not paint the hot tub or treat the inside of the wooden hot tub. You do not have to clean or treat the underside of your wooden hot tub, as the hot tub is designed so that dampness on the hot tub bottom does not occur.

Where can I put my wooden hot tub?

Your wooden hot tub was must be placed on stable, flat ground. We recommend placing the wooden hot tub on a gravel base or a concrete pad. We do not recommend placing the wooden hot tub directly on dirt or grass. Depending on local conditions, a drainage system could be recommended. 

What is my wooden hot tub made of?

Your Redwood Outdoors hot tub is made from 100% Canadian red cedar. Cedar is the only wood recommended for hot tubs, given is proven resistance to moisture and rot. It is strong, elastic, and durable wood. Additionally, red cedar has a beautiful appearance that we know you and your guests will appreciate.

Does my wooden hot tub come fully assembled?

Putting together the tub is easy! All our hot tubs kits are designed with the DIY customer in mind. Anyone with novice woodworking skills could build one in approximately 4 hours.

The hot tubs are easily assembled by matching the wood components together using the “tongue and groove” principle. All the pieces are pre-cut and there is no cutting or sawing required. 

All the assembler will need is a level, Phillips screwdriver, 7/16″ and 9/16″ open end wrenches, 9/16″ deep socket wrench, vise grips, and a mallet

One requirement of self-assembly, however, is that you take no longer than seven days to fully assemble your wooden hot tub. After this time, the natural wood may warp if not fully assembled.

Are there any special set-up instructions?

Yes, there is a specific method when filling your new wooden hot tub for the first time.

First, fill the water (usually with a hose) until it reaches the 4-inch (10 cm) mark. Leave the hot tub like this overnight. This will allow the wood to swell and make the hot tub walls and floor dense and consistent.

Each day, add four inches of water (10 cm) and let it sit overnight. Continue this process each day until the hot tub is at 80% capacity. This will allow the wood to swell and help extend the life of your wooden hot tub.

My new wooden hot tub is leaking? What’s going on?

Relax! It is totally normal for new wood tubs to leak. Cedar naturally expands when it takes on moisture and the expansion of the wood will create a tight seal between the staves. That is why we recommend following the specific filling procedure outlined above. After about 1 week, the wood will swell and settle and you will no longer experience leaks.

What can I add to the hot tub water?

You may add any natural and biodegradable product you wish to the water for relaxation purposes. You can add salt, herbal extracts, or essential oils to heighten your hot tub experience. Adding non-biodegradable products to the water could cause bacterial/algae growth.

How do I manage the ash from the oven?

How often you clean out the ash depends on how often you use your wooden hot tub. For infrequent users, once a month should suffice; for frequent users, we recommend clearing out the ash once a week. Use a shovel to remove the ash. 

How do I drain the wooden hot tub?

The hot tub has a drainage valve in the bottom of the tub. Simply connect a hose to the valve and release the water. It is not necessary to change the water each time you use your wooden hot tub. Change the water only when necessary.

How long can I leave my wooden hot tub empty?

You should not let your cedar hot tub sit empty for an extended period of time. This can cause the hot tub to dry out, and can cause warping, affecting the hot tub’s density and consistency. If your wooden hot tub does sit empty for a long time and the tension straps fall down, follow these instructions:

  • Using short screws to avoid damaging the stave or the wall, screw four screws underneath the tension straps into the wood.
  • If the tension straps are very loose, you should tighten them carefully until the staves are even and fixed to the floor section.
  • Fill the hot tub with 2-4 inches (5-10 cm) of water so that the hot tub floor can become consistent again.
  • Please note that the tension straps must be loosened gradually over time. If the straps are kept too tight, the hot tub will not become dense and consistent.

I left my wooden hot tub empty for a long time, and now it leaks. Do I tighten the tension straps?

Not under normal circumstances. The tension straps are made so they do not have to be tightened. The dry wood absorbs the water, swells, and becomes dense and consistent.

My wooden hot tub is sitting empty. Should I cover it?

No, you should not. Air needs to circulate in the hot tub to prevent the formation of mould.

Is my wooden hot tub portable?

Yes it is. If you are redesigning your yard or landscaping, you may carry, roll, or lift your wooden hot tub to a different location, depending on its weight.

Our wooden hot tubs range from 4 foot diameter up to 8 foot. Each wooden hot tub has a height of about 3 foot.

How much does it weigh?

The entire shipping weight of a 6' x 4' kit is approx. 675 lbs including crate. The tub minus the stove and benches can be easily carried by 4 people.

How do you control the temperature?
Start out with a roaring fire until you get close to temperature, say 95F, then reduce the size of the fire until it reaches 102 F - 106F. When you get to tub temperature keep a small fire going. The fire can also be slowed down by adjusting the draft. It is better to control temperature by fire size than by closing the damper because a build of up creosote can result. It is also easy to cool down the tub just by adding cold water.

How much wood does it take?
A moderate size wheel barrow load of DRY wood.

Does the tub come with a warranty?
The stainless steel wood burning stoves have a 1 year guarantee on materials and workmanship. We offer a warranty against manufacturing defects on our all wood products, but because wood is a natural product we cannot take responsibility for natural wear and degradation that may occur over time. Through high quality materials and craftsmanship, the normal life expectancy of our cedar tubs is 15-20 years.

General Warnings:

  • Fire and hot water can cause injuries. Do not leave children unattended around the wooden hot tub.
  • Please do not use the wooden hot tub when under the influence of prescription medication, alcohol, or recreational drugs.
  • Do not leave the hot tub unattended when the stove is burning.