Harvia M3 Safety Sheath

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Sauna stoves can get hot, so protect you and your loved ones with this safety sheath. Designed to fit around you M3 heater and prevent burns in the event of trips or falls inside the sauna. Read more...


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Product Details

Add the protective sheaths for your woodburning sauna stove
The protective sheaths for woodburning sauna stoves significantly shorten the safety distances to burning material – in practice, this helps the stove fit into a smaller space. The protective sheath is attached to the stove and shaped around it, which makes the whole stove look sleeker. 


Electrical Requirements

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Cardboard carton
Our Harvia Electric Sauna Heaters and Harvia Sauna Stoves come with a 1-year limited warranty. Please refer to https://www.redwoodoutdoors.com/warranty for detailed warranty information on our products.

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