Harvia Wall-Mounted Sauna Heater

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Harvia is the world’s leading sauna heater manufacturer and Harvia heaters are considered the gold standard. With a Harvia heater, you know you are getting a reliable product you can trust. Read more...

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The Harvia KIP model, made by Harvia in Finland, is a traditional Finnish-style wall-mounted sauna heater. This model perfectly blends price and quality in a manner that is sure to warm the bather. Reliable and affordable, the KIP has a large stone cavity for maximum heat release. The left dial controls the temperature and the right dial is the on/off control along with a delay timer. You can set the heater to turn on up to 8 hours after it is set, and the heater will automatically shut off after 60 minutes of operation.

Redwood Outdoors offers this heater in 6kW and 8kW sizes. This product is designed for residential use. Made in Finland.

Please note, sauna stones are not included and must be purchased separately.


All electrical wiring must be performed by a qualified and licensed electrician with complete knowledge of local codes and regulations. 

The sauna heater will require 220v and must be hard-wired to the electrical box. If your sauna comes with a 6.0kw heater, it will require a 30-amp breaker and 10/2 wire, unless it is positioned more than 30 feet from the breaker in which case it will require 8/2 wire. If your sauna comes with an 8.0kw heater, it will require a 40-amp breaker and 8/2 wire.

Your electrician will drill a hole in the wall of the sauna below the heater for the conduit. All of the wiring will come into the sauna through this hole. In a barrel sauna, it can also come up through the floor below the heater.

Use copper wire with 90C insulation. Do not use aluminum wire to make the connection. Consult with an electrician so you can determine the requirements for your particular situation. All wiring must conform to all national, state, and local codes and regulations.

Because our saunas run on 220v of electricity and draw less than 40 amps of power they are quite energy efficient and should not be a significant drain on your electricity bill. 



Electrical Requirements
6kW or 8kW

Packaging & Shipping Information

Shipping Format
Cardboard carton
Our Harvia electric sauna heaters comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Please refer to https://www.redwoodoutdoors.com/warranty for detailed warranty information on our products.

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