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Harvia is the world’s leading sauna heater manufacturer and Harvia heaters are considered the gold standard. With a Harvia heater, you know you are getting a reliable product you can trust. Read more...

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Product Details

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Harvia's new KIP series digital sauna heater, made by Harvia in Finland, is a traditional Finnish-style wall-mounted sauna heater. This digital sauna heater is operated by the touchscreen control pad which mounts outside of your sauna. Harvia's new digital control pad is WiFi ready, which means your sauna heater can also be controlled from your smartphone by downloading the MyHarvia app. 

Redwood Outdoors offers this heater in only the 8kw size. If this product is installed outdoors, the power unit and touchscreen control panel must be housed in weatherproof protection. Weatherproof boxes are not included with the product and should be sourced locally by your electrician. Any damage to your equipment resulting from failture to install the power unit and control panel in weatherproof protection will not be covered by Harvia under warranty and will have to be replaced at your expense. Please note the weatherproof box for the control unit should be ventillated at the bottom to allow for cooling. 

Please note, the sauna stones are included with this heater are the classic (jagged) rocks. You must select the upgrade option if you prefer rounded stones. 

Electrical Requirements

All electrical wiring must be performed by a qualified and licensed electrician with complete knowledge of local codes and regulations. 

This sauna heater will require 220v and must be hard-wired to the electrical panel. The 8kw digital heater will require a 40-amp breaker and #8 copper wire. For this digital heater, the power from your electrical panel will run to the power unit box (see diagram below) which must be positioned outside of the sauna, but within 13 feet of the sauna (due to the temperature sensor cable length). The Harvia power unit is not weatherproof and must housed in weatherproof protection or located in a dry area. The power unit feeds power to your sauna heater, temperature sensor and the digital control panel via separate wires and cables. The digital control panel must be positioned within 16-1/2 feet of the power unit box. The digital wall control must also be outside of sauna and housed in a weatherproof box.

Your electrician will drill a hole in the wall of the sauna below the heater for the conduit. All of the wiring will come into the sauna from the power unit through this hole.

To make the connection to your power unit, your electrician should use copper wire with 90C insulation. Do not use aluminum wire to make the connection. Consult with an electrician so you can determine the requirements for your particular situation. All wiring must conform to all national, state, and local codes and regulations.

Because our saunas run on 220v of electricity and draw less than 40 amps of power they are quite energy efficient and should not be a significant drain on your electricity bill. 

The Kit Includes

  • 8kW Harvia Digital Wi-Fi Sauna Heater
  • Harvia Wifi Kit
  • 1 boxes of regular (jagged) rocks



Electrical Requirements
WIFI Requirements
2.4 GHz required

Packaging & Shipping Information

Shipping Format
Cardboard carton
For Harvia sauna heaters, Redwood Outdoors provides a 1-year warranty on heating elements and a 5-year limited warranty on other sauna heater components for residential usage. Please refer to https://www.redwoodoutdoors.com/warranty for detailed warranty information on our products.
  • Harvia Rounded Heater Rock

    HARVIA ROUNDED HEATER Rock (For Harvia Heater Only)

    Harvia Digital Wi-Fi Heater Required 1 Box of Sauna Rocks

    Saunas are a great way to relax and unwind, and the type of stones used in the sauna heater can make a big difference in your experience. Rounded Olivine Diabase sauna heater stones are a wonderful option that resembles the smooth, rounded stones found in nature. These stones offer a gentle steam experience, with water flowing easily down to the lower layers and covering more surface area. This creates more steam with a soothing touch, perfect for those who prefer a more gentle sauna experience. This method of using rounded stones on the top layer of the heater can be used in all saunas, and we hope it enhances your sauna experience.

    Optional add-on for + $80USD

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